Custom designs


We offer a range of services to mend broken hearts. We can stitch,glue or paint them. If that does not repair the damage, we can call on a team of nurse Ants, who give twenty-four hour care until it is well again. If the Heart has turned blue, the artist Ants can restore it to its original lovely red.

The Ants are restorers, and with only a few odds and ends they can put any broken Heart together again.

We also offer a beauty service - nothing less than a wonderful bath for the Heart, to make it scented, fresh and clear.

If it’s a case of the Heart needing transport, the elephant is the one to help, it will always bring the Heart back to its rightful place.  And if the Heart is drifting away, dreaming in the clouds – don’t worry, a team of Ants will jump on the back of a giraffe to reach up and rescue it in no time.

 We’re so romantic, it’s sickening, isn’t it?  And sometimes really cheesy too!  We don’t care! 

And if there’s a wedding coming up, we love them!  Tell us your story and we’ll create something extra-special for you. 

We offer mementos of your wedding at special prices for a large quantity.