ants and love

One night, a night of a great full moon, we finally meet the one we are looking for!

We scramble into bed and settle on herpillow,  we gently approach and without waking her we manage to whisper in her ear our ideas, of peace and friendship.

With laughter and feelings, we introduce ourselves, we are the labourers and builders of love, we work for and with love, we tell her all about our Love Project and we urge her to join our team!

Next morning, without knowing why, Jimena starts to draw ants. Since then, she has had the task of capturing our world on paper, bringing colour to our dreams, and painting all the love that we have to give.

In this positive spirit, we create ants and love. We’re a very varied team – from different places, with different languages, and we all look different. But we have so much in common: we share the stars, and the desire to make the world a better place. We know our work is just a grain of sand, but that, exactly that, is the what the Ant is all about!