canvas mitades

We’re all complete, but together, we’re so much more!

The product consists of two canvases

They are high quality prints on two beautiful matte finish canvases. They are ready to hang although they are also very nice mounted on wooden easels (not included in the purchase)

Size: Two canvases of 30x20 cm

50,00 €
M01 R30

Paintings and illustrations about love, friendship and relationships.

We love these pictures. They are simple and practical, and it likes everyone.

Decorate the walls with original designs and positive messages that try to make the world a better place.

They are also ideal as a gift from birth, birthday and wedding gifts.

Our paintings are ready to hang, but if you do not want to make a hole in the wall can glue them with Blu-Tack or place without any preferred corner.

Our pictures and films are produced in Spain, in our design studio in sunny Majorca. They are exclusive artwork Ants & love brand.

All rights reserved and may not be reproduced.